surveillance system using hand motion robot control

Ajinkya Rode,Kaustubh Agawane,Rutwij Kulkarni

Published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Robotics and Development

ISSN: 2348-2338          Impact Factor:1.678         Volume:1         Issue:1         Year: 08 December,2013         Pages:8-11

International Journal of Advanced Research in Robotics and Development


over the span of last few years, the evolving technology, for interacting with the robotic devices has diversified drastically. The proposed prototype model emphasizes on making use of hand motions for navigating a robot and camera in a specified direction along with computer controlled surveillance. There are three basic components involved in the system that are Analog Accelerometer, IP Camera and RF Transceiver. The Analog accelerometer recognizes the hand movements in X, Y and Z axes which are then transmitted wirelessly from users' end via transmitter and robot receives the signal through receiver. A camera is mounted on robot so that the robot can perform live streaming and allows the images and videos to be stored onto a computer system. The proposed system can be helpful to explore remote locations where humans cannot reach. Thus, the prototype can be used for various applications such as Line of Control, exploring unmanned areas that demonstrate the usefulness, viability and flexibility of the system.


evolving technology, Accelerometer, IP Camera and RF Transceiver


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