problems of women entrepreneurship in assam a case study in lakhimpur district

Dr.Swapna Dutta,

Published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Psychology and Sociology

ISSN: xxxx-xxxx          Impact Factor:xx         Volume:1         Issue:1         Year: 05 July,2016         Pages:22-29

International Journal of Advanced Research in Psychology and Sociology


Women Entrepreneurship is comparatively a recent phenomenon. The traditional perception of women as a helper in the occupation of the husband and homemaker is gradually vanishing. Women entrepreneurship and their participation in entrepreneurial activities are gradually increasing. Quite a large number of women entrepreneurs have set up their enterprises and have been in business successfully. But it has been seen that majority of women entrepreneurs in Assam work at micro level or cottage sectors. They are very much interested in entrepreneurial activities like, Handloom weaving, Piggery farm, Poultry farm, Dairy farm, Handicraft etc. The rate of growth of women entrepreneurship is not satisfactory till now. This is due to some basic problems arising in relation to entrepreneurial development in our societies. Hence the investigator carried out a study to find out obstacles and problems faced by women entrepreneurs and suggesting remedial measures that would contribute to greater success rate among women entrepreneurs. Two hundred women 200 from Self Help Group who are engaged themselves in various entrepreneurial activities are considered as respondents. The major finding revealed that varieties of problems are faced by the entrepreneurs in establishing and running their business ventures. The problems range from Financial, Production, Marketing to Personal and Social Problems. It has been found that High cost of required machine or equipment was considered as major constraint by 33% of respondents and marketing competency is another difficulties faced by 21.5% women entrepreneur. 43.5% faced difficulties regarding availability of raw material where as 48.5% depends on their husbands for finance and decisions. Considering the economic importance of developing entrepreneurship among women, the Government shall design a suitable scheme to attract women towards entrepreneurship and to help their enterprises to survive.


Entrepreneurship, Cottage sector, Obstacles, Competency


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